Masjid Quba'a was founded in 2013 in Carteret New Jersey, an area where no masjid existed previously. Alhamdulilah with the Help of Allah (SWT), we your brothers and sisters in Carteret, NJ are happy to announce that we have purchased the land of our Masjid by purchasing of 2 lots of 50 X100 (10,000 sq. ft.) on Essex Street in Carteret. This important step in our efforts to build the first Masjid in Carteret, which took us many years and was made possible by generous contributions from within our community and by help of many brothers and sisters from other Islamic communities.
The purchase price of both lots $257,000 was paid in half. In addition of purchasing of land,the city zoning has been approved.
Description of the Land:
·       10, 000 sq. ft. property
·       Centrally located in Carteret with 100’s of Muslim families living around
·       Several Muslims live within minutes from the location 
·       Great out-door area to have community events
As part of the Islamic Center Project, we are ready to start phase 1 restoration of our facility IN SHA’ ALLAH. After beseeching ALLAH (azza wa jall), we request our brothers and sisters for financial assistance in the construction of this project.


First Phase: Alhumdulilah Completed

Masjid Started on the existing building (70 Essex St)

Second Phase:

Two Storied (total ~ 7500 sq. ft.) building includes prayer halls, classrooms, library, office room, storage area and huge activity center.